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Promote Spotify Plays
Promote Spotify Plays



Promote Spotify Plays to Promotion your music online


The digital age has brought major changes in our world. The largest invention of our era, the Internet, has especially had a major impact on communication. It has brought a new dimension to globalization, allowing communication between people in various places in the world in the shortest time possible. Whether it is the sharing of news items, music, videos, and other media can be sent and received in just a matter of seconds.

This ease in communication has led to the rapid growth of the entertainment industry. Unlike in the past, when artists and musicians would rely on traditional means of distribution such as records and cassettes, the online space allows an easier way to market and promote their talent. That is why online music platforms have been such great success in the industry; both for artists and music lovers alike.

Buy Spotify Plays

Buy Spotify Plays


Spotify is a Swedish music streaming site that allows artists to upload their news music and share it with online users. All the musician has to do is to upload the music on the popular platform, and the music will be available on the platform. That way, music lovers can easily access it and even share it with their friends. If they are using Spotify Premium, the paid version of the app, they can even legally download to listen at a later time.

Spotify has therefore been a valuable tool in marketing music, and its huge success has been a result of the huge demand for new content in the music industry. Today the platform has users exceeding 10 million in the UK alone. This is a huge market that musicians can utilize to push their brand further as the more plays one gets on Spotify, the more popular they become, and thus the more money they can generate.

Spotify Plays

Many Spotify Plays means that many online users relate to your music, and they find it valuable. This sends a strong message not only to other Spotify users but also to the Spotify developers themselves. There is a reason why the songs with many plays continue reigning at the top and getting more plays over time, while the new musicians struggle to get an audience online. The trick is that many plays attract more plays. Users are attracted to play the songs with more streams than those with few. This is because they want to know the reason why people loved a particular song, and they, therefore, end up sampling it themselves.

Spotify also ranks their music by displaying the songs that are released weekly. Music lovers are always on the lookout for new music and the frequent streaming platforms like Spotify daily to discover them. Spotify displays new releases in a separate column that other users can check for sampling. The songs on this column are, however, ranked according to the number of plays they have. This means that the more plays a song has, the higher it is ranked. A higher ranking exposes the song to more users, thus further increasing their number of plays. This is the reason why popular musicians can release a new hit and in just a few hours, the song blows up, garnering millions of online streams and global popularity.

Importance of having many Spotify Plays

Spotify plays are very important as they are a contributing factor to a musician’s success. Musicians that do not market their music online miss out on a large chunk of listeners that they could leverage. A song’s success generally can be assessed from the number of plays they have on Spotify. Human beings also have a habit of copying each other, and people are more likely to play a song that has many plays than one that fewer plays. Few plays pass the message that the music is whack and, therefore, fewer people will waste their time on it. Songs with many plays, on the other hand, will attract more plays.

Get more Spotify Plays

There are several ways that you can boost your plays on Spotify. You can choose to go through the process on your own, or you could opt to work with a promotion service just like ours. Working alone means that you would have to spend a lot of time, especially on your social media platforms sharing it with your followers and prompting them to play it on Spotify. This process may work, but it will largely depend on the following you currently have and how efficient you are at communicating with them. It may, therefore, take you just an instant, or you could also spend years before you attract your desired audience.

However, you can also pay to have these desired plays on your songs. This is an excellent strategy for new musicians that are yet to be known and therefore lack an already established following. When you pay for our Spotify plays, we can provide you with the plays you desire to improve your online visibility and enable you to compete effectively with other musicians.



How Our Service Works

Boosting your Spotify plays has never been so easy! Instead of wasting valuable time trying to convince people to play your music to increase your popularity, you can kick off with a few paid-for plays. With more plays, your music becomes more visible to the public. Music lovers are more likely to play artistes that have already attracted many plays. This is because they appear to be more popular, which means that their music is good.

Once you have decided to use our service to get more Spotify plays, you will need to provide us with your email address, as well as your Spotify profile. You should also include the songs whose plays you would like to increase. We have various packages that you can choose from, depending on the money you’d like to spend and the plays you desire. You can choose between 1000 plays to a maximum of 100,000 plays. Thus, as you can see, you can have many Spotify plays without having to go through too much hustle

Once you have chosen your desired package, you can then head over to the payment section. Immediately you have made your payment, you will get feedback from our team to confirm receipt, and our team quickly gets into the task. You will begin to notice a consistent increase in your number of Spotify plays as we credit your profile with your paid-for plays.

Buying Spotify plays is only the first step in the promotion of your music on Spotify. Even after we have credited your account with the requested plays, you will begin to see a continued increase in your plays. This happens as your rank on Spotify leaderboards increases, thus further advertising you to other music lovers.

Spotify Followers

Spotify also allows online users to follow their favorite artists. Spotify follows, and Spotify plays go hand in hand. This is because many Spotify plays mean that your music is valuable. When users love and relate with your music, they follow you to continue receiving your content. That way, whenever you release new music, they are notified and they are among the very first people to listen.

Just like with Spotify Plays, many Spotify followers are a sign that your music is valuable. It makes little sense to have over 100,000 Spotify plays and less than 10 followers. This could be taken as a sign that the plays are fake, or that the streamers of your music did not enjoy your content at all. Therefore, to get to your desired audience, you also need to have a considerable number of followers to remain relevant. You can build these followers over time as you continue releasing your content, or you could go the faster way and buy the followers as well.

Buy Spotify Followers

The process of buying Spotify followers from our service is similar to the one of buying plays. You will need to provide us with your Spotify profile and the number of followers you need for your account. Once you have done the payment, you will immediately begin to see your number of followers increasing. This will, in turn, increase your online visibility as people like to associate themselves with musicians with a high following. In short, a huge Spotify following grants you a celebrity status, and you will soon begin attracting more plays and following from new audiences.


Spotify promotion is precious if you plan to have an impact on the online space. Getting your music streamed today is very difficult due to the stiff competition there is in the field. The process is even more daunting for new musicians as they are competing with already established brands. That is why you need to buy initial Spotify plays and followers to put yourself in a better position to be visible to your target market. Contact us today for an effective strategy to increase your Spotify plays and followers and increase your online presence.

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